July 13, 2024
Bella Poarch Biography, Net Worth, Age, Height

Bella Poarch Biography, Net Worth, Age, Height

Do you guys know anything about Bella Poarch? Let’s get to know the 23-year old social media influencer! This is what you were searching for Bella Poarch.

Bella Poarch is a social media influencer and popular especially on TikTok. She is of American and Filipino descent. Born in 1997 (February 8), her place of birth is in the Philippines. She was raised in the Philippines until her family decided to move to Hawaii. She joined the U.S. Navy. Based on the bio of her Instagram account, she is known to have joined college in 2017 and 3 years was in service. She left the U.S. Navy in 2020 for other reasons.

Bealla Poarch is actually not her real name. There is no information about it and it is still under question since she started fame.

In April 2020, she made an account on TikTok. Her first video on TikTok is about gaming. It blew up when she posted a video named M to the B, a song by Millie B. The video is containing her lip-syncing with the zoomed-in video and that tune rhythmically bouncing. The video became the most TikTok liked video. She skyrocketed to be well known fastly. Less than 8 months, she gained over 40 million followers on Tik Tok.

Well, some people are asking why it was so popular for the minimal effort put in. But well, she still liked her fans for her cuteness. Later, she uploaded videos regularly and focused on lip-sync, dance, and gaming content. Following her viral on TikTok, she created a Twitter account and a YouTube channel.

Bella Poarch Biography, Net Worth, Age, Height

Bella Poarch has over 40 million followers on TikTok, more than 170,000 subscribers on YouTube, 7,5 million followers on Instagram, and over 130,000 followers on Twitter. She is truly a social media influencer with a short time after her videos went viral.

Bella Poarch has been noted for her controversies recently. She has a flag tattoo (‘rising sun’) which is a sign of Japanese imperialism and remains controversial. Well, she had apologized to her fans and she said that didn’t know about the history of the symbol. She scheduled a removal and covered the tattoo.

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She was accused when she called her friends Harambe. Harambe is a gorilla who was killed in 2016. Well, gorillas and monkeys being used in racist names. But, she held it and said it was just her friend’s nickname when they were stationed in Japan.

Bella Poarch's life is still mysterious. She appeared on Tyga’s Tik Tok dancing and lip-syncing. Many of her fans believe that they were dating, but still no evidence.

In addition, she is a fan of video games, anime, art and music. Based on her streaming, she said she wants to be a part of platform Twitch. She can be found easily on Twitch recently. She really likes Japanese culture so she used to show her anime cosplays, makeup looks, and other anime references.

Apart from her cuteness and beautiful personality, Bella Poarch is going through mental health difficulties. She has been diagnosed since 2017. She has a traumatic stress disorder, bad anxiety, and major depressive disorder. It might trigger her.  Despite this, Bella Poarch seems to be a great example of an internet success story, based on her popularity rising as we speak.